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Midjourney v.6 Alpha is here!

Getting Started

To sign up for a MidJourney account, you’ll first need to visit There, you’ll sign in using your verified Discord account and choose a subscription plan that suits your needs. After subscribing, join the MidJourney Server on Discord by opening Discord, clicking the + button at the bottom of the server list, and then clicking the Join a Server button. Paste or type the following URL: and press Join.

To switch to version 6 of MidJourney, type “-v 6” after any prompt in the Discord server where MidJourney operates. This command activates the v6 features for that specific prompt. Additionally, you can activate the update by entering “/settings” in the MidJourney Discord server, which will allow you to select v6 as your default setting.


Style , Subject, Setting, Composition, Lighting, Additional Info. Parameters

Prompt Structure


 In MidJourney version 6, parameters are essential tools that modify how images are generated. They’re added at the end of your prompt and can significantly alter the results. Here’s a rundown of some key parameters and examples of how to use them:

  • Aspect Ratios (–aspect or –ar): Change the aspect ratio of your generation. For example, –ar 16:9 for a widescreen format.

  • Chaos (–chaos <number 0–100>): Varies the results. Higher values yield more unusual creations. Example: –chaos 75 for more varied outputs.

  • Fast Mode (–fast): Runs a single job quickly. Example: –fast added at the end for faster results.

  • Image Weight (–iw <0–2>): Sets the image prompt weight relative to text weight. Example: –iw 1.5 for a balanced emphasis between text and image prompts.

  • Negative Prompting (–no): Attempts to remove specified elements. Example: –no trees to exclude trees.

  • Quality (–quality <.25, .5, or 1>): Adjusts rendering quality. Higher values use more GPU minutes. Example: –quality .5 for medium quality.

  • Random Style (–style random): Adds a random style code. Example: –style random-64 for a random selection from 64 base styles.

  • Relax Mode (–relax): Runs a job in a more relaxed mode. Example: –relax for a less stringent approach to the prompt.

  • Repeat (–repeat <1–40>): Creates multiple jobs from a single prompt. Example: –repeat 5 to rerun the job five times.

  • Seed (–seed <integer>): Uses a specific seed number for visual noise. Example: –seed 12345 for consistent starting points across jobs.

  • Stop (–stop <integer 10–100>): Ends a job partway through. Example: –stop 50 for half-completed images.

  • Style (–style <option>): Switches between MidJourney model versions or styles. Example: –style cute for a cute aesthetic.

  • Stylize (–stylize <number>): Influences the strength of MidJourney’s default style. Example: –stylize 500 for a moderate application of style.

  • Tile (–tile): Generates images for seamless patterns. Example: –tile for creating repeating tiles.

  • Turbo Mode (–turbo): Runs a job using Turbo Mode for faster completion. Example: –turbo for a speedier process.

  • Weird (–weird <number 0–3000>): Explores unusual aesthetics. Example: –weird 2000 for highly experimental results.

These parameters allow for a high level of customization and can be combined to create unique and tailored images

Example Prompts

  • Futuristic City at Night

    • Prompt: “A bustling futuristic city at night, neon lights, flying cars –ar 16:9 –chaos 30 –quality 1 –style scenic”

    • This prompt creates a widescreen image of a futuristic city with some chaos for variation, high quality for detail, and a scenic style for an expansive view.

  • Surreal Forest Scene

    • Prompt: “A surreal forest with giant mushrooms and mystical creatures –weird 1500 –iw 1.2 –repeat 2 –relax”

    • This generates an unusual, fantastical forest scene with a high level of weirdness, slightly more emphasis on the image prompt, produces two versions, and uses a relaxed approach to the details.

  • Vintage Portrait in Sepia Tones

    • Prompt: “A vintage portrait, 1920s style, sepia tones –aspect 4:5 –stylize 100 –seed 34567 –stop 80”

    • This creates a portrait with a vintage 1920s look in a portrait aspect ratio, moderately applies the default style, uses a specific seed for consistency, and stops at 80% for a slightly less detailed, vintage feel.

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