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Here, you'll find an enriching collection of blog entries and tutorials spanning the realms of AI technology, social dynamics, and the continuous journey of self-improvement. Dive in to explore, learn, and grow with me as we navigate these fascinating and ever-evolving topics together.


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After hosting 300 events and 10 years of coaching I reflect on lessons leared in the feld


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social media strategy

View our marketing plan case study, where we used AI Tools to advertise and promote Speed Dating Events in Atlanta

Personal Branding


Explore our in-depth case study on leveraging AI to enhance Entrepreneur and World Champion Coach Vinny's personal brand and blog

Business Creation



Coaching our client Travis Baker we were able to go from Idea to full business, marketing plan, and even operational advice using A.I.

Podcast Production


AI Use Case and tool exploration for creating and producing the AI GenHarmony podcast.

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Join over 8,000 members with Atlanta Circle of Friends host events through out the Atlanta Area, at clubs, restaurants, and other ATL hot spots

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