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So I overloading you with theory last time, this time were going to blow through a concept fast and then work on a skill builder. We need to crush External Outcome Dependence if you want to learn faster.

Quick Story: When I first started going to the club I had an austic student who performed particularly bad in public. He was the definition of stalker mentality and we classified him as the most hopeless guy we ever meet, of course me being arrogant I took this as a challenge and we determine his strengths and realized he had the greatest advantage over us possible, he was immune to getting hurt by rejection because he was blind to peoples emotions.

He couldn’t pick up when women were disgusted with him, that meant he could approach 30 or more times in a night and not feel burnt out from rejection. As you may of guest he went from week 1 being annoying and overwhelming, to always being surrounded by girls when I saw him the club in less then a month. There are some weaknesses to this we had to account for, but all in all it gave him a leg up more then it hurt

After seeing this I asked myself how to create that sense of mental strength to overcome rejection and grind faster without concern for the emotional tear of not always winning, the trick I found was not to track external success but track the things you can be radically responsible for.

For example I started tracking how often I went to the club versus how many phone numbers I got, how often I tried to kiss a girl over how many times it worked well. I train myself to do things and take pride in the effort not in the end result. Two things happened I went out and approached more, and I had more fun doing the approaches.

So Today were going to take the things you learned previously and do a Field exercise in a store, this is gender ambivalent, I don’t care if you approach guys or girls for this, and remember the staff at the store are paid to be polite so they’re the most likely not to care:

Assignment 1 Go to the mall and do the following:

  • Bring a cue card / notebook / pad of paper / or your phone and keep track of the following.
  • Engage in a staring contents with 4 strangers
  • Give high fives to 10 strangers
  • Use your opener 5 times
  • Ask an employee to help you pick out an outfit tell her why your doing it and if she seems interested invite her to the bar on Friday, also more specifically get her opinion after you’ve gone out of the changing room.

Assignment 2 Know yourself : feel free to be offensive, this is about what you admire, there is no judgement here unless you play it safe

  • list the stereotypes / tribes/ troupes you want to be associated with (at least 4)
  • list the stereotypes / tribes/ troupes your attracted to (at least 4)
  • list at least 3 famous fictional or non-fictional characters you want the inspiration for your new personality to be, have 3 pictures on your phone (one for each)
  • write down what you think a week in the life of that person would be like for all 3
  • write an opener inspired by one of those people

Assignment 3 Peacocking

Try on an outfit based on an outfit or character you mentioned above.

Peacocking Redux, find one of these at the mall and reflect on making your look stand out in the crowd more that either represents your tribe or the tribe your interested in. You don’t need to buy them, just try it out Think Yido’s pickachu ears

  • an expressive watch (can even be a 10 dollar power ranger watch)
  • an over the top tie
  • suspenders (thats mine don’t steal it)
  • Bracelets
  • headband
  • googles event
  • necklace
  • bowtie

Assignment 4: (IN person students only)

Were going to discuss some pointers on what you need to work on, it may be a bit brutal and rough but know I’m doing this to get you up to speed for Friday, also its time to do your 100 pushups and post the after picture on instagram or facebook.