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Free Approach Course

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Day 1 Intro to Approach Camp

Day 1 Class explains what an opinion opener is, and how to craft and interesting conversation started in a confidentĀ but non-aggressive way.

Day 2 Skill Overload

Day 2 is a course in quick self identity and modeling, a majorĀ sticking point for many new “approachers” is being able to talk about themselves, so we examine personal interest in order to define ourselves more clearly.

Day 3 Understanding Goals / First Field exercise

Day 3 is a review of what metrics and mile-stones are useful for growth. There is an emphasis in this day of understand metrics we can control versus what we can’t control.

Day 4 Being a good friend / wingman

Day 4 We reinforce wing-man skills and logistical planning so you aren’t caught unprepared after you engage with your new friends.