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Your project is to help me get the most amount of quality dates. The Team who performs the best will be offered referral work as I have over 10 other possible clients interested in a similar service, and also I’m looking for a permanent VA team as well. The results will be discussed on a new podcast that will go on my website, if interested to advertise your services the VA team is welcome to join in on that podcast and answer any questions or advertise.

All applicants should be willing to have a 5 minute google video interview to ensure English speaking, in case this job upgrades to a permanent VA position

I’m looking for a girl who’s (in order of priority):
• Intelligent
• No grammatical errors in profile (“your” instead of “you’re”).
• No abbreviations or misspelled words (“ur”, “luv”).
• No children.
• 22 to 35 years old
• Within 25 miles
• Below 200 pounds
• Between 4.5 to 5.8 feet
• Must have all teeth in pictures
• Must have no noticeable physical disabilities.
• Must have a picture
• Can’t be polyamorous or pansexual

What you shouldn’t do (hopefully these are obvious to you):
Pretend you’re me
Argue with girls, insult them or make them feel badly, no matter how mean they are to you (if they are, just stop messaging them)
calling them fat
You are my assistant, finding quality women on my behalf. There’s nothing weird about it, and there’s no need to pretend that you’re me 🙂
If they ask some fact about me and you don’t know it, ask me!
Make racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks
Use profanity

Message scripts
Here are some scripts you can use as a guide for how to communicate with the girls. If you want to try something completely different, then go for it. The end goal is number of dates and quality of dates, so I don’t care how you get there.

First message template

Hey [Her Name],

This is [Your Name] writing on behalf of Patrick Zgambo. I’m one of his personal assistants, and I think that you could be a great match for Patrick!

It’s really cool/awesome/interesting that you [insert interest or hobby they have that I would like here]. Patrick enjoys [that hobby] as well. [Ask a question]?

[Your Name]

First message example

Hey Sue,

This is Joe writing on behalf of Patrick Zgambo. I’m one of his personal assistants, and I think that you could be a great match for Patrick!

It’s really cool/awesome/interesting that you are into being outdoors and hiking. Patrick enjoys that as well. He’s always looking for new trails. Did you get a lot of hiking in this past summer?


Qualifying message(s)

1) Respond to her answer
2) Ask another question about it or ask another question about something else you find interesting
3) Respond to any of her questions

Set up a date

1. Respond to her answer
2. Respond to any of her questions
3. Say something along the lines of:

“Well, it seems like you and Patrick have a lot in common. In Patrick’s experience, the best way to figure out if you’re going to click with someone is to meet up in person. So if you’re up for it, we can set up a time for you two to meet at a cozy bar or cafe somewhere around town. What do you think?”

Scheduling the date
Basically, you’ll go to the calendar I share with you and pick a time that’s free, leaving 30 minutes of free time between each date on the calendar.

Job ID: 51382153
Additional Instructions.
Bonus can max out up to an additional 100 dollars total for contract.An additional dollar will be reward for each date arranged.An additional two dollars will be rewarded for any girl with a combination of 2 or more of the following traits that a date is arranged with).
•    In interest adds one of the following
o    Video Games
o    Karaoke
o    Magic the Gathering
o    Korean BBQ
o    Anime
o    Martial Arts
o    Multi-lingual
•    Has no Kids
•    Has an income above 30,000
•    Lives within a 10 mile radius of the zip 30076
•    Between 5.0 and 5.4 height
•    Is AtheistBonus’s will be award to girls I also deem as very attractive of 2 dollars in additional dollar above the above two for a total possible of 5 dollars per an arrange date.Things I tend to deem very attractive
•     Slender frame
•    No skin blemishes
•    Non-American ancestry (foreign)

Example profiles of girls I would give bonuses for (attractiveness):………

Dates that will get you ruled out from an additional contract.
•    Excess size aka large women
•    Any webcam girls or other scam profiles getting my contact info
•    Women who are stalkers if warning signs were apparent
•    Men posing as Women


Based on my experiences the following user traits return the highest level of results.
•    Has been online in the past month
•    Has Joined the site in the past month
•    Is not in a existing relationship

Contact Rules:
Easiest way to contact me is via e-mail . Please consolidate each of your questions into a list at EOD for however it is decided to structure your work day. I would recommend a 5 day 2 hour a day mix to use the first 10 hour 1 week contract that way you give yourself ample time for response time. I also will be setting up the calendar later today, so please share your gmail creditionals so I may give access to updating the google calendar.

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