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Problem Statement:

I don’t like my job, I don’t get to interact with people and I don’t get to travel and now I have to go to the office. I want to find a profession where I can meet people travel and inspire other people to live an alternative live style.
Currently I think I can only stay at my job in office for 3 /4  months without going completely crazy.
I need to decide an alternative profession to change the focus of my life from IT to something that is more fulfilling or at least I feel I have more ownership of and negotiating leverage over my career.
Side Hustle Requirements:
  • Whatever path I take has to have an element that increase my knowledge of using technology for increasing exposure
  • I want to be my own boss  or in the very least make  decisions free of an outside group thats interest don’t align with my own.
  • I need to bring in 1,000 dollars extra income a month by  March 1 2017
  • It needs to be an alternative or unorthodox path as its very important to me to inspire other people to jump out of there comfort zones.
  • I want it to be a project that I can eventually work with my friends to complete.
Primary Strategy
Party Magician
  • Why?
    • Being a magician is an alternative success path, It  is dependent on my ability to sell myself and making people happy on the spot. I also enjoy entertaining a lot, and it will give me a skill set that I can do anywhere independent of a corporate office or a 9 to 5. It will also allow me to build my social skills further.
    • It is interesting to film, and there are a lot of magic with lots of hits, in an under saturated market
    • I can do a unique spin where I show my process of turning it into a career / job.
    • Where everyone focuses on showing how to do techniques or people’s reactions to magic I can serialize my path to profitability and the pitfalls of the business side
  • How?
    • AI: research the following magician types
      • Close up magic : Card / Coin / Rubberband
      • Mentalism
    • AI: Make a list of the following top
      • Youtube magic channels
      • local working magicians
      • star magicians who inspire me
    • Come up with a way to serialize my pratice
      • AI: Start by journal ling 3 days a week
      • Research: Come up with a plan for creating a youtube / facebook video series on this with a consitant filming style and content plan.
    • Master a routine weekly, over the course of  16 weeks that would be enough to start accepting paying jobs
      • Routines are a complete “trick” that is comprised of subtechniques
        • AI: Make an excel with the moves I need to pratice (I.E. double flip / pass / Top change) Patrice each move used in the routine 200 times each every day in front of the mirror
        • AI: Determine the list of 16 routines I will be using plus any I already know
        • AI: Choose 2 meetup groups or events where I can do the specific routine for 20 people 2 times a week for the first 2 months
        • AI: Choose 20 venues to contact to do walk around magic that is within the perimeter for pratice walk around magic before I start trying to sell my services.
        • AI: Contact 20 new business to offer them walk around magic event for there work force parties or product launches. (Use angel list to find start ups)Where?
    • Leverage meetup events to find excuses to perform
      • Research: come up with a google calendar using
    • Build relationships with new venues in month 2
    • Have a get together every 2 weeks, show of latest magic routines as well
  • When
    • Trick Practice: First hour every morning 7 days a week
    • Walk around: Friday and Saturday nights
    • Journal every Monday / Wednesday / Friday
    • Decide how I am going to film
Miles Stones
  • setup the calendar,
  • practice at meetups, learn the basics /
  • scaffolding for a persona and a routine /
  • figure out the you-tube portion.
January: Have 20 minutes of material / feel confident in card tricks ( no profit)
February: Do walk around magic for tricks ( 250 a month)
March: Have a stable restaurant gig (500 a month)
April: Have some club gigs (1000 a month)