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An Anonymous User Asks,

In your first article you mention outsourcing your dating, can you give me a break down of your strategy  so I can duplicate it.


Perfect Z Answers

I definitely think my next article will be on this, it seemed to generate the most interest. at any rate I’ll hit you with some of the high points.

First time I got 8 dates the second time I got 6, all together costs me about 120 dollars first run. 80 dollars the second run. I meet tons of girls but not to many with my exact criteria, such a bold move attracts a certain type which wasn’t my type.

I used 6 different dating sites, I came up with a strategy to find people with the highest response rate. (usually new users only on for a month with recent last online time) Plenty of Fish ended up just being the best, I used it after this project as well.. adultfriendfinder was almost all hookers they used codes such as generous and etc etc thinly valid code for pay to play.

It was a better example of learning how to outsource and manage people, as well as plan an event. Oddly enough the real value of this gambit is on the tons of dates I’ve gone on since then I always have a conversation about online dating that seems to come off as very interesting to my dates.

The trick here though is your picture and profile quality not your VA/PA (personal assistant/virtual assistant) and getting to a yes as quick as possible and discouraging back and forth to detract the equivalent of curious onlookers who aren’t really wanting to meet. My criteria for an actual date even if I got a response was actually pretty high which affected my numbers.

My Personal assistants sent about 30 messages a day and never bumped into the same person twice. Oddly enough though they did end up mailing some of my previous approaches whose numbers I got but didn’t call in the past (yikes!!). I found that if you did 600 people on each dating site every month you wouldn’t burn out the city of Atlanta. Its crazy how quickly new members join those things.

Update: Here is a link to the actual elance work request I put out at the time.

Online Dating Proposal

If you have an elance account, you can see all the details of the job here.. the person I’m talking about who won was the contractor named May D thanks for your help May, she ended up becoming my Va for the better part of that year.

Note I want to mention I don’t recommend this approach, although it can work, it helped me grow the least.. this is really only something to do for kicks and not if your serious about growth. I did this twice with wildly varying results, because guess what congruence is important. If you don’t match the super alpha attitude of some one who has a PA who would outsource their dating, the women you meet will always get buyers remorse and you’ll end up losing in the end. My advice never have a strategy focused on online dating.. its fine for it to be part of a portfolio but it should always be your lowest investment.