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My Answer : There are pros and cons to each, I love Night Game but that is because I like high energy venues.

First comment, Nice brother awesome to hear your out there making a change for the positive in your life. I do have some bad news though your concern is on the wrong step of the game, at first you just want to learn to walk up to people. My rule for new students is the first thing you have to do is getting rejected as badly in front of us 10 times and if you’re willing to do it and laugh with us dinner and drinks are on me. This is because rejection doesn’t matter at first, step one is being comfortable walking up to anyone. After a while you’ll gain a sense base on their body language who to approach and not approach but that’s late game stuff and don’t worry about that until you crush Approach Anxiety. When you get to that point we’ll have a talk about physical and social cues that represent women who wants to get approached, sounds like another great post idea.

When you ask that question yet again your limiting your options and also your being outcome dependent. I don’t want the easy girls; I want the skill and then I want my favorite type of girls no matter where they congregate.

For a beginner the big question is which location gives you the most selection. So night game usually ends up winning at first, but once you get over your own fears of rejection night venues become almost always objectively worse since its harder to target your specific type of girl if you’re not into club chicks.

I love day game for two big reasons although I find it harder.

  • I can choose an appropriate venue for the type of girl I want, such as a book store, or a cooking class, so after the pickup we tend to gel better long term.
  • Day game doesn’t require me to go out of my normal comfort-zone as its basically playing pick up in the always on mode. Always on means more approaches over a longer amount of time which means more practice. It also allows me to be more discerning, I question those girls who have the free time to meet guys at a club on a Tuesday night… most the girls I meet in clubs were 21-25 year old waitress and students, which are great one night stands but awful dates.. they tend to only have their looks going for them, and 1000 approaches on basic bitches will drive you insane.

How I started Since my first goal was to find and complete 1000 approaches, Atlanta night life made more sense. Since the venues had so many more females. I found that club openers were easy if I was doing indirect game, because the routines I used made sense for the venue. I also found that going to the same bar or club gave me a huge amount of social value, since I used to play pick up games with the staff at places and I used to rally the other regulars to my side. The first club I went to, I came early told the hot bartender why i was there, gave her 100 dollars in 5s and told her, “I have one hour, every time you see a hot girl tell me to go, if I approach give me one of my fives back at the end of the hour you can keep all the money left over”. Making it a game made it super easy and that bar tender became my friend and keyed me in to events in ATL. I had no plan my approach strategy was literally to recite rap lyrics to girls but this made me super comfortable approaching.

Why I love Night Game. For me night life is always easier because that is where I started.

  • That being said if you have the time and want easy results my experience has shown me to go to events if there are any in your area. There are a ton of women at these events specifically there to meet guys and girls. This is more of a warm approach and they tend to be more open to being hit on and talked to because that’s why they are specifically there to make new friends.
  • Also for quick wins do speed dating events, that helped me realize were all awkwardly in this together, and we all love getting hit on as much as the other sex so I should go wild whenever I have the chance.
  • Lastly becoming a regular at a location gave me social proof, so places I tend to frequent constantly are the places where the girls are the easiest to open as that social proof gives me the comfortably to take big risk and just to feel okay being myself . For example there is a liveband karaoke bar I go to every Monday. Whenever I approach there since the staff and the band knows me and thank me when they walk by etc etc the girls open up very easily.

Quick tip for day game Simple pick up used to have a service called project go.. that focused mainly on day game approaches. It was I think 10 a month and it was a blow by blow of approach theory. They would practice day game, play it back unedited and then replay it going through each concept piece by piece. If you want to really have some guidance I would recommend checking out some of those videos. I of course am also creating a product for this that is pending.