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Wingman Quick tips

  • Person who enters first owns the group
  • Enter one at a time
  • Stagger approach by 5 minutes, wing-man can enter as a group but initial contact is always solo.
  • introduce each other using value adds (this is another chance for a boyfriend check)
    • Can be done during any step: Tell your wingman to leave if you want him not to be there by telling him to check on one of the other ladies or guys. Wingman will be expected to stay by default and help run the group.
  • tell  a funny exaggerated story about your target
  • Tap your wing man on the shoulder if you need to isolate

Assignment 1 Value Adds

  • Create your own personal value add, how would you like others to introduce you.
  • Create a value add for the other people in your training pod (I.E. For Yido, Randy, Adam and I)
  • E-mail them to me

Assignment 2 Openers Redux : Don’t do more then 10 retries on the recorded version if your struggling just send it we’ll work it out together later but I want you to see what it looks and sounds like when you play it back.

  • Practice each of your openers (4 different ones) in the mirror 20 times, then record them on  your phone and send it the video to me via Facebook chat or e-mail
    • Re-send me your openers in your email as well.
    • Your openers and pitches are both offensive weapons to charm your target, and defensive weapons as a support to help win-back his failing set or distract others. It may seem like I’m asking for a lot here, but this is where we depend on each other, work hard to get your openers the way you want them.
  • Practice the 3 event pitches in the mirror 20 times, then describe the 3 events you will be inviting people to over video, send the video to me via facebook chat or e-mail
    • Send me your event pitches in email as well.
  • Practice the value add for 1 of your crew 20 times then send me the video of you doing it over facebook chat or e-mail.
  • Practice the pitch for the instant date from yesterdays event 20 times and then send the video to me.

Assignment 3 Strengths

  • In the group chat, describe 5 strengths of each of your wing men, (the other guys in the chat, and one weakness) I will be picking on Yido for the example since he’s the most advanced. Feel free to use me first as a punching bag.
    • Yido
      • Well Dress
      • Approaches people casually
      • Knows a wealth of events in the area
      • Is a leader of the groups he is in, and is noticeably in charge to those around him
      • Is extremely motivated to improve all aspects of his skills in charisma
        • Weakness: Does not display sexual interest when talking to people strong enough up front